All about the whitefly, a very harmful fly

All about the whitefly, a very harmful fly

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Thewhitefly is a pest very present in most crops, cereals, vines, vegetables, palms. In the garden, it is difficult to get rid of.

The whitefly is a very aggressive beetle in gardens and vegetable gardens. Its larva destroys the roots of the plants and the adult insect devours the foliage. Our advice to control and fight the whitefly in his garden and terrace.

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What is whitefly?

The whitefly is a whole little white fly of the same family as aphids for example. There are nshady species of whiteflies, and two of them are particularly aggressive in the gardens. Thetobacco whitefly and that of cabbage. Generally, whiteflies are fond of dry heat. In the kitchen garden, the white fly or whitefly attacks greedily cabbage, tomatoes, aubergines but also peppers. In the garden, the whitefly is fond of hibiscus, poppies, lilacs and geraniums. Also beware of indoor plants or greenhouse that may suffer from whitefly attacks, the whitefly tobacco from South America.

Adult whiteflies live under the leaves of plants, as do eggs and larvae that are covered with a film of wax. Adults have a life cycle of about thirty days and when it is hot, more than 20 °, the multiplication of whiteflies can go up to 600 eggs per night.

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How to fight against whitefly?

When you install vegetables, plants and plants attracting whiteflies, think about spray solutions of nettle manure comfrey on plant foliage. This will strengthen natural defenses of plants.

Another precaution, if you notice the presence of whitefly on potted plants for example, spread the pot of the other other plants to avoid the spread of the fly.

As soon as you notice the presence of whiteflies, the flies fly away easily when you shake the plant, spray black soap diluted in water to eliminate flies. This treatment is very useful for attacks on greenhouse plants.

Inside, you can also use yellow sticky and sticky pads. The whiteflies are attracted by the yellow color and will stick against the strip of paper. The problem is that other insects, them more useful may be stuck. AT reserve for severe attacks under greenhouse.

Other biological treatments may be used, such as the use of a micro-wasp which will lay its eggs in whitefly larvae and feed on them. So the whitefly can not grow. There is also a green bug which feeds on adult flies and which can be planted among the attacked plants.

Gardener's tip on the whitefly

In the garden, there are some plants thought to be repellent for whiteflies. Among them, choose the tagetes that are effective to fight against whiteflies. Only precaution to take, install the tagetes as early as possible in season, which can be problematic in the regions experiencing prolonged freezes.