Arthur Bonnet presents his latest creations

Arthur Bonnet presents his latest creations

Arthur Bonnet

Cook who no longer presents, Arthur Bonnet imagines fitted kitchens upscale. From his signature kitchens, designed by leading designers to his largely customizable collections, the choice is vast. Discover our 14 favorite models, references of the French brand.

Founded in the Nantes region in 1927, the carpentry company of Arthur Bonnet has become one of the cooks king of tailor-made. Beautiful and functional, the Arthur Bonnet kitchens are labeled "Origine France Garantie" and are manufactured in Vendée. Designed to integrate with any interior, whatever the style, kitchen furniture (re) bring the wood up to date, worked with refinement, but not that. A look at 14 Arthur Bonnet kitchens that are worth a visit!

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1. Alice: the designer kitchen plays the epure

Arthur Bonnet

Signed by the French designer Christian Ghion, this kitchen adopts an atypical form. With its central island in T, it highlights a retro base that recalls that of Louis XV furniture. A nice wink to the charm of the old!

Alice kitchen: price on request.

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2. Appointment: the kitchen between wood and white

Arthur Bonnet

If you believe its designer, designer Thibault Desombre, this cuisine is a meeting between past and present. Mixing oak and aluminum, it can accommodate up to seven guests around the table. Embellished with clever facilities, here is a kitchen at once functional and design.

Rendez-vous cuisine: price on request.

3. Harmony: the kitchen spirit loft

Arthur Bonnet

With its unstructured niches, the composition of this kitchen reinforces its original look, between woody authenticity and modernity brought by polished concrete. A choice that does not lack audacity to make this loft a space of life of character.

Harmonie cuisine: price on request.

4. Arpege: the kitchen that opens to the living room with style

Arthur Bonnet

Ideal for twisting a Haussmann-style interior, this contemporary kitchen runs along the wall to open up to the dining area or the living room. With its black laminate worktop, Arpege fits in the trend.

Arpège cuisine: price onquotation.

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5. Métis: the kitchen workshop that focuses on usability

Arthur Bonnet

Placed under the sign of sharing, Métisse cuisine by Thibault Desombre opens on the living room. With the flaps of the island and the stools assorted, it is flexible. Between oak veneer and mineral grain of stone, the mix of materials makes the whole resolutely warm.

Métis cuisine: price on quotation.

6. Egeria: the Nordic chic semi-open kitchen

Arthur Bonnet

Separated from the living room by graphic claustras which also act as storage space, the Egeria cuisine transports us to Scandinavia. Mixing blond wood and nude colors, it takes shape without disturbing the peaceful atmosphere that reigns in the living room ...

Egeria cuisine: price on request.

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7. Poetry: the kitchen with island inspired countryside

Arthur Bonnet

For Arthur Bonnet, the designer Véronique Mourrain designed Poetry, a kitchen of charm that she wanted conducive to "confidence and strong moments." This classically styled kitchen features state-of-the-art appliances. Like what, retro look can also rhyme with pro cuisine!

Poetry cuisine: price on request.

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8. Attitude: the kitchen revisited

Arthur Bonnet

A kitchen in light ash that combines modernity and authenticity? Pari raised by Marc Moreau, the designer of this model. With its large cupboards and U-shaped layout, this kitchen is very functional and can accommodate a dining table, coordinated.

Attitude Kitchen: price on request.

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9. Rive Gauche: the contemporary kitchen par excellence

Arthur Bonnet

As sophisticated as it is refined, this equipped kitchen combines the minimalist spirit with practical and multiple storage. Thanks to its very bright white lacquer, it offers a boost to the space that welcomes it.

Cuisine Rive Gauche: price on request.

10. Expression: the kitchen indus tendency

Arthur Bonnet

Imagined as THE centerpiece of an apartment or a house, Expression delights in industrial interiors. Enhanced with some yellow sun notes, this gray and black model is built around a central unstructured island. As a bonus? A bench was invited around the island.

Kitchen Expression: price on request.

11. Dialogue: the lighter "L" cuisine

Arthur Bonnet

Strong of its implantation in "L", this kitchen makes it possible to arrange a corner meal in its center. A real saving of space to receive family and friends, without encroaching on the living room.

Cuisine Dialogue: price on request.

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12. Sensations: the kitchen destructured a bit futuristic

Arthur Bonnet

Diving into the new generation of so-called "technological" kitchens with Sensations. From the soundproofed worktop connected to the ingenious electric assistance system present in the high furniture, everything here seems to come from the future ...

Cuisine Sensations: price on request.

13. Rive Droite: the lacquered "U" kitchen

Arthur Bonnet

Designed in a U-shape with a practical bar area, the Rive Droite kitchen adopts a glossy lacquered finish for a sophisticated style. This model with clean and straight lines follows the minimalist chic trend dear to the Arthur Bonnet brand.

Right Bank Kitchen: price on request.

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14. Reference: the wooden kitchen is thirsty for modernity

Arthur Bonnet

The Reference model plays on minimalist lines, warmed by wood. Idea of ​​planning for the least original: it is not one but two islets that face each other to compose a more functional space.

Kitchen Reference: price on request.