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The colorful Rosita Missoni apartment in Paris

The colorful Rosita Missoni apartment in Paris

Sarah Maingot

Claw combining color, graphics and material, Missoni prints a unique style since 1953 in his apartment in Paris, rue du Bac. Fashion as the home, the grounds as the know-how woven an inseparable frame. The lair of the designer Rosita Missoni, here unveiled, revives the special charm of this cult brand. Visit the Parisian home port of a great lady, humble as fanciful.

We are in Saint-Germain-des-Prés, a district of arts, letters and cultural quintessence. We are in the golden triangle of design, where Paris looks like Italy. We are at the edge of all his breathing, and it is precisely here that Rosita Missoni has placed his penates. At the time, his apartment was installed above the first shop. Faithful to this adopted neighborhood, its pied-à-terre located at the corner of rue du Bac offers a bird's eye view of Saint Thomas Aquinas Church. She wished it classic and Parisian, keeping the white as a backdrop to the color and patterns. Generous, full of details, associated styles, he tames paintings of the 1920-30 vintage and vintage furniture. Here, the exuberance of furniture finds affinities with ceramics and vases with bold designs. A mix and match of which Rosita has the secret.

In the small living room, carpet with flowers "Ragusa" on a gray mesh stitch "Pereira", MissoniHome. The sofa is covered with "Palenque" patch fabric, Acquarellato collection and "Moma" cushion, MissoniHome. Painted pictures and lamps. Flowers, Stanislas Draber and Rosebud.

Sarah Maingot

Exhibition at the Maga de Gallarate Museum in Italy, new Parisian boutique, tableware collection, the list of projects is long. What do you attribute this dynamic to?

"It's true that the exhibition has exceeded all our expectations!" Says Rosita Missoni. A success at the height of the infatuation inspired by the brand for sixty years. True to its roots, the house knew how to anticipate the evolutions. "To meet the expectations of the new Missoni clientele, the Parisian boutique is moving on rue Saint-Honoré, a more fashionable destination, and Patricia Urquiola, a great friend of the family, is signing the new boutiques' clothing. and corners. " Association again, with Richard Ginori around a new collection of tableware.

Colorful, optimistic, is there a Missoni spirit?

"It's pleasure and freedom that guides us - the pleasure of family, friends, gardens, flowers." Who would have thought that this craftsmanship, which was born in 1953 in a cellar equipped with four knitting machines, would shape a legend. Ottavio, at that time a confirmed athlete, already had experience in sportswear mesh, while Rosita's family was specialized in the production of embroidered bed linen and indoor dresses. Small, she already cut out the silhouettes of fashion that pleased him. "My husband, Ottavio, was an extraordinary colourist." Colors that have illuminated all their collections.

The bedroom with a "Rachel" set, Lilium Multicolor collection, MissoniHome, antique boutis and cushions bought at Vanves flea market. Round rugs "Vevey" and "Botanica", and two-tone fringed curtains, MissoniHome. Paintings and small lamp found at Marché Biron.

Sarah Maingot

Does working with your family reinforce your identity?

"It's a real luxury to be able to keep that family and craft spirit." Since 1997, Rosita has placed orders to her sons, Vittorio and Luca, then to Angela for fashion, to devote herself entirely to the home world with MissoniHome.

You are very influenced by the art of the 1920s-30s. Do you have any favorite artists?

"I have always loved Sonia Delaunay, her notebooks, and she was also sailing between fashion and decoration." Strong and graphic universes that Rosita finds in the works of Gino Severini, Wassily Kandinsky, Giacomo Balla or in the work of ceramists like Susie Cooper and Clarice Cliff.

Missoni. missoni.com and missonihome.it "Missoni, the Arte, It Colors" until Nov. 15 at the Museo Arte Gallarate, 21013 Gallarate. museomaga.it

On a carpet "Maset", MissoniHome, Ico Parisi table, Jean Paul Beaujard, and chairs "Wishbone", Hans J. Wegner design for Carl Hansen, The Danish Boutique. On the mantelpiece, candlesticks and decorative objects, vanves chips. Plaster and branches sculpture, Stanislas Draber and Rosebud. In reflection, an old crystal chandelier, Baguès.

Sarah Maingot

On a patchwork carpet "Pritzwalk", MissoniHome, antique chairs covered with flamed fabric "Piaui" and cushion "Berlin", MissoniHome. Screen painted 1940s, ceramic mushrooms with bowls, painted ceramic lamp, pedestal table and vase, all the flea market. Flowers, Stanislas Draber and Rosebud.

Sarah Maingot

From the entrance to the bedroom, Rosita Missoni sows flowers everywhere. Gilded wood veneer mirrors, Jean-Paul Beaujard New York, carved wood cane armchairs, found at the Chatou Fair, bench, Jean-Paul Beaujard. On a smoked glass pedestal table, vintage vase found at the Marché Serpette, and a huge painting painted in Vanves flea market. Flowers, Stanislas Draber and Rosebud.

Sarah Maingot

An Eiffel Tower at the Marché Biron.

Sarah Maingot

On a chair, paintings made with the invitation of the Piero Fornasetti exhibition at the Musée des Arts Déco.

Sarah Maingot

On a flea market served with chips, the arts of the table "Zig Zag", vase "Half Moon", MissoniHome Richard Ginori, and an old pitcher.

Sarah Maingot

Stagings of plates on sets matching the new tableware collection, MissoniHome. Glasses, carafe and cutlery flecked with Vanves.

Sarah Maingot

On an "Oxley" carpet, MissoniHome, Rosita Missoni on the cover of Surface magazine. And the book of the exhibition "Missoni, l'Arte, Il Colore".

Sarah Maingot

The MissoniHome catalog on a wicker marquetry service.

Sarah Maingot

Rosita Missoni takes care of the detail even in the choice of the ribbon of her mat.

Sarah Maingot

Addresses and tips of Rosita Missoni

For the decorative arts of the 20th century and the quality of its choices.

JEAN-MICHEL MERLIN. Paul Bert Market, Alley 6, Booth 81, 3400 Saint-Ouen. Such. 06 09 18 12 75.

For their fashion treasures, scratched or not, and their vintage jewelry.

ARTÉMISE & CUNEGONDE. Serpette Market, 110, rue des Rosiers, 3400 Saint-Ouen. Such. 01 40 10 02 21 and artemiseetcunegonde.com

For his unusual jewelry in bakelite and resin.

TIANY CHAMBARD. 32, rue Jacob, 75006. Tel. 01 43 29 73 15.

For his garden flowers.

STANISLAS DRABER. 19, rue Racine, 75006. Tel. 01 43 29 07 88 and stanislas-draber.com

For his chocolates of the extreme.

DEBAUVE AND GALLAIS. 30, rue des Saint-Pères, 75007. Tel. 01 45 48 54 67 and debauve-et-gallais.fr