The Lab Saint-Ouen

The Lab Saint-Ouen

Emilie Portal

In full metamorphosis, Saint-Ouen imagine on seine, draws in green with the largest eco-district in Greater Paris, appears in verve on the walls of the city. Olivier Saguez, at the head of the design manufactory and his team spread images of this city that inspires.

More than yesterday and much less than tomorrow! More than fifteen years ago, Olivier Saguez already chose Saint-Ouen to implement Saguez & Partners, its global design agency. Today, he sketches the future of the city he envisions with the richness of its diversity, more than 100 nationalities, her youth "who has the sense of system D" and its history of greater flea market of the world. "When I decided to install the new Manufacture Design in part of the old hall Alstom, in the heart of the Docks, I knew it would be a great field of experiences. I was like a researcher of gold on his vein, I dreamed that my project overflows, that it has ramifications with the city in full metamorphosis. "

Showing in the streets of Saint-Ouen in partnership with JCDecaux.

Camille Boyer & Florent Darthout

From now on, he accompanies the mayor William Delannoy in the design of the largest gourmet market of Greater Paris of the 7,000 m2 remaining available under the hall, "a market without intermediary, good, accessible bio, which should open in 2020". He designs the common areas of the new Nexity buildings, green energy, zero waste and shared parking. It is revolutionizing the offices of the Île-de-France Regional Council. And even goes to study the construction of a cable car to make up for the delay in extending the line 14. "The projects are signed in or worn, I chose to wear them, to think of design as a factor of change in respect for the environment, generator of social bond."

Tribute to the flea market, located close to the Mob Hotel

Emilie Portal

Evocation of the architecture of the Docks, the largest eco-neighborhood on the outskirts of Paris

Marion Grenier

The city becomes the breeding ground for a better life together for the students of his school Design Act founded in partnership with Stratum (higher education institution in industrial design), which graciously realize the visual identity of new audonian businesses. "Saint-Ouen becomes a big Lab. You have to make places that entice, like the Mob Hotel's Cyril Aouizerate, which houses the fashion school La Casa 93, open to all, without prerequisites if not passion, "adds Olivier Saguez.This determination, he wants contagious and the swarm by way of display. The new Manufacture Design designs posters diverting those of the 30s promoting resort towns, Monaco or Biarritz. Today it's Saint-Ouen-sur-Seine, appellation claimed by the town hall, on all the walls, with humor and love.

The little audonian church Notre-Dame du Rosaire winks at the Basilica of the Sacred Heart.

Camille Boyer

The Paris stadium, located in Saint-Ouen!

Martin Lyonnet

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