A more comfortable weekend house

Céline Cadiou

We arrive on Friday night and we want to feel good right away. Automatic opening of the gate, heating ... We equip ourselves to enjoy his second home without waiting.

I spare myself the painful gestures

Get off the car in the middle of the night or in the rain to open the gate, we would be fine. To make life easier, we order from a smartphone its opening (portal, shutters and motorized garage door) with a home automation box ("Tahoma" Somfy or "Domovea" Hager, about 400). Some operate without ADSL box, with the GSM network (mobile phone network), as the "Blyssbox" Castorama with the subscription "Accessibility" to 178.80 per year.

I'm hot when I arrive

Do not want to shiver while waiting for the radiators to be hot? You can start the boiler a few hours before your arrival via your mobile phone. Delta Dore's "Typhone 5 SV GSM" remote control, in particular, does not require an ADSL connection or a fixed telephone line, and operates in a total unbundling area. Connected to a thermostat, it indicates the temperature it does in the house to help you better prepare for your arrival. Do you want to "preheat" only your room? This is possible with the "Tuta S30" socket that is remotely controlled via SMS (about 80 on Amazon). Finally, think about electric heating. Some soft heat radiators quickly warm up while remaining economical. Choose aluminum models, particularly reactive ("Nirvana digital" of Atlantic or "Taiga LCD" of Acova).

I can take a bath right now

As soon as you step in the door, you dream of a bath or a shower ... To avoid waiting for hours, equip yourself with a home automation box: connected to the hot water tank via a wireless receiver, it allows to start it remotely, well in advance.

Peace of mind all year long

Burglary, flight ... Nothing worse than a bad surprise when arriving in his house. So, we anticipate. To ensure its security at a distance, we subscribe to a system of SMS and email alerts that works even in case of Internet break (packs "Homelive in case" of Orange and "Home by SFR" SFR with detector of movement, opening and smoke, about 10euros per month). To be notified in case of water leak by telephone, mail or SMS, we choose the connected box "Oplug" Berthelot (157,80euros installation included, with a subscription of 11,64euros per year). Connected to a motorized valve, the "Ostop" housing, it allows to cut the water remotely (297euros installation included, with a subscription of 35,64euros per year).

Céline Cadiou