[In search of decoration ...] Lay out the attic, it's smart!


[In search of decoration ...] Lay out the attic, it's smart!

Michael Lauritzen / via Pinterest

Need air in your house? Too cramped in your apartment? Do not panic, leave out the move option and prefer him a effective solution to gain valuable square meters : develop the attic. Once transformed into additional living room (s), this space, often neglected, will make your happiness, no doubt!

Cozy master suite, pro office corner, playroom for children ... We can do everything under the roof! Between exposed beams and beautiful height under ceiling, well-built attics just waiting to be exploited. Want to get started ? Here are some tips and a good dose of deco inspirations that may well fill you!

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To transform attics, yes, but how?

Before starting work, make sure your attics are habitable. How? By checking certain rules, the footprint or the maximum height of the building, in particular. Note: these new provisions replace the COS, or Coefficient of Land Use, since the promulgation, in March 2014, of the law for access to housing and renovated urban planning, or Alur law.

Once the feasibility of the work has been confirmed, it remains some administrative steps to perform. If you wish to build a living space of not more than 40 m2, without enlarging the total area of ​​more than 150 m2, a declaration is sufficient. Otherwise, a building permit and the intervention of an architect will be necessary. As well, in a building, you will need the agreement of the condominium.

After checking the condition of the roof and the frame, not to mention the insulation of the attic to live comfortably, you just have to give free rein to your imagination!

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In this studio, the attic, once open, now welcome the sleeping area


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Too lavish, this 70 m2 refurbished by interior designer Isabelle Masson!

Ixm Agency

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A cozy master suite on the roof

Paul Allain

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Between parquet, exposed beams and brick wall, these attics do not leave marble

Hugo Hébrard

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What rooms to convert in the attic?

When the bulk of the renovation is behind you, comes the time of questions: how to maximize these new square meters? Which function (s) to assign to them? If the space is attic, are there any tips and tricks to adopt to not feel too cramped?

First editorial board: decompartmentalize as much as possible to allow the eye to circulate and visually enlarge the space. When this is not possible, opt for walls lighter than a wall: a canopy or a trellis are very good.

Another tip: showcase the frame. For that, two options are available to you, to paint the visible beams, or to leave them raw. It's up to you to decide.

On the color chart, we put on the white, to amplify the brightness. Walls whitened parquet through the elements that make up the decoration, the immaculate is appropriate.

Ultimate advice, add some touches of wood here and there, like winks to the frame. So, satisfied?

A very bright white room invites itself under the roofs

Vtwonen, Photo Sven Benjamins, Esther Jostmeijer Styling, Inge Steketee Products

An ultra optimized flat can also take place in the attic

alvhem / via Pinterest

In the attic, the living room takes its ease

Alexander White / via Pinterest

Kitchen and dining room are good under the roof

Michael Lauritzen / via Pinterest

A gradient of pastel paintings gives height to the attic room

In this room a pair of pink paintings: Rose Copper and Rose Nude was used for a tie-and-dye effect. Dulux Valentine

Dulux Valentine