Blue in the kitchen: I vote for!

Integrated in the living space, the kitchen and dining area is a great glade of technology and design camped between three pines and the heating system. Around the aluminum table of Herrera Alemberg, blue chairs Lizz Kartell and kitchen side, appliances all stainless steel including a refrigerator Liebherr.History of this house (2/4): Such a holiday ship aluni in fantastic land, this house is firmly anchored 80% on stilts inclined in the steep pitch of the land with bias rigorously supported. Above all, she had to make her way through the trees and bushes without disturbing them. Without frightening the fauna that has always been there, without diverting the way of the runoff accustomed to prance to the sea, without betraying nature, without breaking the equilibrium of the island but by arranging a playground where the man could come to live, for hours, the magic of the holidays at his side. Unusual, with its Lego hut or accordion house, observation hut or satellite of the seas, the project was conceived as an extraordinary adventure that Peter Pan and the lost Boys would not deny. When in 2009, Enrique Polanco, organizer of artistic events such as Just Madrid or Madrid Foto, quickly seconded by the talented architecture firm Andrés Jaque, tackles the sketch of his future home to be shared with her friends, she is baptized Never Neverland in a nod to the romance of JM Barrie. In reality, it will be called Everland as a holiday resort much more classic to live than it seems at first glance.

Albert Font

Blue, we love everywhere: in his room, for his clothes ... And why not in his kitchen? Here are 7 photos to adopt blue for cooking ...

1. A touch of blue to exalt your kitchen

The lacquered blue elements of this contemporary kitchen / dining room add a touch of eccentricity ... invigorating.

2. Blue for this unusual cuisine

A curious house that here: sheet metal and trees live side by side in the living room. This unusual marriage is harmonized thanks to the predominance of blue.

3. Bring a piece of blue sky into your kitchen

A blue sky all year long? The weather has to be good. With its blue ceiling and its brightness (brought by the white furniture among others), it is clear all year round!

4. Blue cuisine for a Mediterranean atmosphere

The azure blue of this cuisine evokes a limpid blue sky and the depth of the oceans: a summer atmosphere sets in for the whole year! The installation of traditional tiles and old school furniture give character to this unmarked color.

5. Calm color, blue blends with the originality of this kitchen

The sculptural configuration of this piece is highlighted by this shades of blue. The frank color of its walls makes this choice non-conformist and the use of blue, neutral and appeasing color, rebalances the whole.

6. Duck blue or "Teal", an enigmatic color for a different cuisine

This predominantly enigmatic duck-blue kitchen is embellished with touches of red and bright yellow that enhance the tone.

7. A touch of blue to warm up a modern kitchen

The dark blue, used in a kitchen all in design and chrome gives a touch of verve to this very modern room.