6 bathrooms redone by an architect

6 bathrooms redone by an architect

Angélique & Anne-Camille meetinarchi

Want to get inspired with beautifully decorated and well appointed bathrooms? You are in the right place. Deco layout and decoding are on the program, with these 6 bathrooms renovated by an architect and interior designer.

How to decorate and arrange your bathroom to make it as beautiful as practical? We give you the answer with our favorite selection of 6 bathrooms of architect and interior designer very deco and also, super well thought out. Follow the guide!

1. A bathroom in the attic done by an architect

Hugo Hébrard

Arrangement side: for the architect Prisca Pellerin, ventilating the space of this renovated attic apartment was obvious. The bathroom is not an exception to the rule, the archi had the good idea to open this room partially thanks to the presence of a sliding indoor canopy. Located between the bathroom and the rest of the house, this partition can close the space to give a bit of privacy during his toilet while keeping this impression of ventilation and diffuse light in the room. whole house. Note that the bathtub has been cleverly installed - despite the space under the slope, to allow a bath or shower.

Deco side: the Parisian workshop spirit of the bathroom offered by the sliding indoor canopy brings a touch of both soft and industrial decoration accentuated by the white brick wall. The architect has therefore dared to mix cocoon & urban styles.

Inside the bathroom, the country house spirit predominates. A design ceramic basin, a painted and aged wooden drapery table, a few baskets to store cosmetics and towels, a bathtub adorned with a mosaic bench and a small Zen garden at the edge of the bath ... The zen and country atmosphere is successful. Congratulations to the architect Prisca Pellerin.

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Hugo Hébrard

Hugo Hébrard

2. A bathroom renovated in blue & Zen by an interior archi

Sabine Serrad

Arrangement side: the interior designer Marion Lanoë put her talent to work by renovating a two-room apartment in Lyon. Thanks to this restructuring work, the bathroom has gained comfort, storage and aesthetics. How did she proceed? The old bathtub has been replaced by a large shower, and a vanity unit and a washing machine, for convenience.

Deco side: the bathroom has a zen decor. The marriage between waxed concrete and white mosaic brings a nuance of well-calculated styles, mixing rough with softness. The good idea: the continuity of the two materials into the shower to both enlarge the space and use the mosaic as an integral element of the toilet part. As for the storage space, the architect had the good idea to fix Scandinavian-inspired wooden boxes on the wall to stack the towels and the beauty accessories of the owner of the premises. And the blond blue wall? This brings the touch of color that wakes up the bathroom. We love !

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Sabine Serrad

3. Ethnic travel in a bathroom redone by an interior designer


Arrangement side: Nancy Geernaert likes to create spaces that "combine Flemish timelessness and Parisian fantasy, places that tell a story, your story". This description, the interior designer applies in his work, and it shows. This bathroom has been revamped with a new decor and a well-studied renovation. A wall block was placed in the center of the bathroom like a menhir on top of a hill. This separates the room into two distinct parts but still connected by one and the same vanity unit. A walk-in shower on one side, a bathtub on the other ... This wall does not shrink the space but instead offers two wellness options. Facing him, stands the toilet cabinet. Discreet but very present, this furniture dresses the room while preserving the space. We can say that the layout sees big!

Deco side: the wide block of black waxed concrete that opposes the bathtub to the shower, the raw wood vanity unit and the wooden floor (raw, too) make this bathroom both modern and ethnic . We love the clear contrast between the innocence of the bright white walls, the bathtub and blackout curtains, and the rusticity of this semi-separation. The two styles complement each other and each brings an advantage to the other. The wall panel becomes an object of art enhanced by the clarity of the rest of the bathroom.

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4. A small bathroom that has become (almost) big!


Arrangement side: the interior design agency By Pierre Petit has struggled to redo this bathroom. And the effort paid off. In the room, we notice a step giving access to the shower as if it was a room in itself. Side lights, the architect wanted to create a space high in brightness. And to do this, spots were installed on the ceiling and above the vanity unit in the shower, as if to illuminate the mosaic porcelain stoneware. The "beauty" corner hinges on the bay window of the shower to create a spacious washbasin area and make maximum use of the available space in the small bathroom.

Deco side: the bathroom is small ... But everything is great! From the vanity unit extended to the spacious shower, the architect has managed to optimize a small space and make it a perfect decoration. the relief porcelain stoneware mosaic serves as a wall decoration and even gives depth to the wall it dresses. The good idea of ​​the interior designer: having created a recess in the wall of the shower to insert this high relief and have it illuminated to accentuate the dynamic effect of this panel. The lines of the bathroom are structured: the light wood furniture line seems to continue in the tiles of the shower. The whole offers a contemporary decor and zen because purified.

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5. Deco indus' for a bathroom archi redone

Cécile Septet

Arrangement side: the architect Maxime Jansens has completely refitted a Parisian loft located in the 10th arrondissement of Paris. The overhead sink brings a sense of space to this small bathroom, which goes hand in hand with the walk-in shower sheltered by a glass partition. The floor and walls of the room are composed of porcelain stoneware designed by Maxime Jansens. The advantage of this tile: bring a harmony of style and give the space an illusion of enlargement. We take note!

Deco side: the bathroom is decorated in a 100% industrial style. The black steel tray designed by the architect is in continuity with the mirror of the same design and similar color. This choice of color is combined with the canopy that serves as a ceiling to the room and supports this industrial style sought (and found!). As for the fixtures, these directly recall the heated towel rail in upcycling tubes and copper plumbing elbows. The use of these factory materials refers to the atmosphere of the renovated loft, both neat and very raw. It is harmonious and tempered by the presence of soft white tiles and two-tone geometric stoneware tiles that form a continuity throughout the bathroom.

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6. Architect's canopy and bathroom work well together

Angélique & Anne-Camille meetinarchi

Arrangement side: Angélique and Mari-Camille are two interior designers who like to work with noble materials ... We can see it here. The bathroom is open to the attic room but remains a separate room thanks to the stylish and practical presence of the indoor canopy. The bathtub is placed back to the bed so that the moment of the bath remains an instant well-being anchored in one and the same room. Well thought out, the towel storage is an integral part of the concrete bathtub, which allows you to have a tidy corner in this small space that represents the bathroom.

Deco side: the pearl gray color used on the walls and floor of the bathroom and the bedroom creates a completely cocooned atmosphere in the attic rooms. Sober but worked, the bathroom is feminine even with its straight lines and frank thanks to the inner canopy that brings a flow of light and cozy style from the bedroom.

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