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How to shine his vitrified parquet?

How to shine his vitrified parquet?


The maintenance of vitrified parquet is made easier thanks to the layer of shiny varnish that covers them. We offer some tips and tricks for your floors to keep their sparkle.

The vitrified parquet floors are protected from knocks, wear and dirt and, relying on proper maintenance, they can remain in perfect condition for decades. The point is to know the little cleaning tips, especially the gestures and products to avoid.

Maintain his vitrified parquet regularly

As for all types of floors, the maintenance of a vitrified floor goes through a weekly cleaning, in order to remove the dust. Place a microfiber cloth or a vacuum cleaner with a "hard surface" brush on the floor. To remove stubborn stains, just wet your mop (the vitreous parquet does not tolerate water) and add a little dishwashing liquid.

Be careful not to rub with the back of a sponge and never use abrasive cleaners or ammonia, which will damage the varnish.

The maintenance of its vitrified floor in the long term

Sometimes difficult stains get stuck. The solution is the famous universal cleaner: white vinegar (to be removed quickly, however).

In order to remove scratches and shine, there is in store a specialized product, polish, to be applied twice a year. Soak a soft cloth with which you will make circular movements on the floor before wiping without rinsing. Attention: to maintain the vitrified parquet in beech, avoid products based on aqueous solutions.

Finally, a last tip for the shine of your floors: a 50/50 mixture of alcohol to burn and linseed oil. Perfect for floors that look clean!

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