Tiling: what you need to know

In a bathroom with very contemporary equipment, large glazed stoneware floor tiles. Radica Factory range, N.C. price, Zirconio (Tile of Spain).

Tile of Spain

The tiles would be too heavy, cold and difficult to put ... The misconceptions thrive when we think soils. Some adjustments are needed.

The idea of ​​tiling: it is cold, heavy and difficult to install

Long reserved for kitchens, bathrooms or terraces, tiling arises today in every room of the house. It is even a very good solution if you consider a floor heating.

As for the installation, it can be facilitated if one uses tiles "clipping", fitting one into the other, or if one opts for models "rectified", which do not require any more pose of a seal. There are even ultra-thin and ultra-resistant tiles, acclaimed by architects for their ease of use and aesthetics. An acoustic sub-layer under the tiles is often a necessity because the impact noises are inevitable and can quickly become unbearable to the inhabitants of the underside.

In case of breakage, it is easily replaced (provided you have kept some tiles in reserve to guarantee the color). Available in various sizes up to 120 x 120 cm.

Main manufacturers:

Cerabati, Desvres, Josse, Porcelanosa ...