Design trash: the match that kills

Vipp - Brabantia

Brabantia and Vipp: two brands specialized in hygiene on the test bench. Choose your camp!

Brabantia side

Name: Brabantia, literally "Brabant", the region of origin of the brand.

At the controllers: the 3rd and 4th generations of Van Elderen.

The little story: Founded in 1919, the family business has 15 employees. Based in Flanders, it specializes in the manufacture of funnels, buckets or cigar boxes made of metal. Given the success, a subsidiary dedicated to the sale is created and new factories established or bought, allowing to expand the different ranges. In 1966, Brabantia landed in France and today equips from top to bottom the kitchen and the laundry room.

We fall for: pedal bins or "hands free" (like the "Touch Bin"), but also ironing boards or other clothes drying racks.

Reasonable ? About 20 euros for a bathroom waste bin (5 l) and up to 199 euros for the "Sensor Bin" with automatic opening (50 l). The products are guaranteed between 2 and 10 years.

Vipp side

Name: Vipp.

At the controllers: Jette Egelund, the founder's daughter, who took over the company in 1992.

The little story: it all started in 1931 when Holger Nielsen, 17, won a car in the lottery. Not having the permit, he resells it and buys tools to work the metal. In 1939, he created the first Vipp trash for the salon of his wife, Marie. Conquered by its practical aspect, Copenhagen doctors adopt it for their practices. It is Terence Conran who, first, markets it in London in the 1990s.

We fall for: the gray elephant, color of the 2013 limited edition (trash and bathroom accessories line).

Reasonable ? Expect 209 euros for the pedal bin version 4 l and up to 375 euros for the 30 l version, 69 euros for the tooth glass or 99 euros for the soap dispenser. 10 years warranty.