My new dining table has style!


My new dining table has style!


Important step of interior design, the choice of a dining room table requires a little ingenuity. friendly by definition, the dining room table brings family and friends together to share moments of life. All you have to do is elect yours! Round or rectangular, in wood or colored, with a base in X or a single foot, selection of models of dining room tables the most stylish of the moment.

Welcoming as much as useful, a beautiful table is the central element of the dining room. If you want to treat yourself to a new table but still hesitate, take a look at our 12-page shopping guide!

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1. A round dining room table

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With its aesthetic all in curves, this wooden table and white melamine camp proudly on its 3 feet. Cultivating the rounded to the ends of her base, she seduced by her childish style, easy to live and modern at the same time.

Pixie table with white lacquered MDF top, diam 150 x 76 cm, 1250 euros, Miniforms.


2. Wood for my dining room table

For those who do not follow the fashions and prefer the classics, this rectangular table is easy to adopt. Made of robust matte wood, its oiled finish makes it trendy. Its simple shape and its generous size make it possible to sit there with others.

Genovara table in oak veneer and metal legs, with an extension of 60 cm, 190/250 x 77 x 100, 1780,20 euros.

Mr. Furniture

3. A black mosaic table in the dining area

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No more ideas, no, the black in a dining room is not sad! Elegant, this black mosaic table proves the opposite. With its checkered tray, it shines brightly. As comfortable inside as outside, it brings a real touch of originality to the dining room.

Black mosaic table and wrought iron, 202 x 74 cm, 9000 euros, Zoe Gallery.

Zoe gallery

4. A round wooden dining table

Scandinavian atmosphere in the dining room with this blonde and round table. As light as it is stylish, she is perched on her four biting feet. What give him a neo-retro look very desirable.

Maria solid oak table with a fixed platform on 4 legs, 76 x diam 130 cm, 3838.99 euros, Wewood ...


5. A charming country table

Here is the ideal table for a country house or for those who receive! All in length, it can invite friends or family. Impressive with its zinc tray and thick wooden base, it has this rustic chic style that makes it timeless and timeless.

Table Lourmarin zinc tray and legs in recycled pine wood, 76 x 100 x 240 cm, 1299 euros, Maisons du Monde.

Houses of the world

6. Dare the black table in the dining area

For your dining areas, even narrow, this table is the solution. Small and round, it slips easily here and there. Embellished with chairs or stools, as here, she dares originality for a resolutely current look.

Black table Cute Raw black iron and brass legs, 120 x 76 cm, 1050 euros, House Doctor.

House doctor

7. An X dining room table

Fall in love with this semi-industrial, semi-slow design table. Mounted on a base in X, a double tray in blond wood invites to sit down. She is very simple, she is very elegant.

Albert table light oiled oak light gray, feet X and plateau in two parts, 2049 euros, Vincent Sheppard.

Vincent Sheppard

8. A table between wood and white

With finesse, this dining room table can accommodate up to 8 people. Removable, we can disassociate the feet of the tray once the meal is over, ideal for small spaces. Nature with its bamboo tray, it is discreet on its light base in white metal.

Ovraryd table with bamboo wood top and tubular legs in white lacquered epoxy metal, 150 x 78 x 75 cm, 119 euros, Ikea.


9. A table as a sculpture in the dining area

Sputnik effect, this table cultivates its ultra modern style spaceship. Perched on a spectacular sculpture-shaped metal base, a large white concrete tray invites you to sit down. Thanks to its finish in white waxed concrete and its beautiful curves, it keeps a certain softness.

Arturo table, with star-shaped metal legs and concrete top, color white heather, 220 x120 x 77 cm, 1599 euros, Xooon.


10. A mineral dining table

Notice to the most daring, this table is a beautiful mix. Perched on a sturdy concrete foot, the white melamine top is levitated. A contrast of materials and shapes that makes all the originality of the table.

Rock table, white top and base in gray concrete, 120 x 73 x 120 cm, 2204 euros, MDF Italia at

MDF Italia

11. A white table in the Nordic dining room

A real source of light, this white table is perfect for brightening up a dark room. Her studio table look makes her contemporary to perfection.

White lacquered pine table, 200 x 90 cm, 675 lbs, Zuiver.


12. A retro wooden deco table

Keep an eye on the retro with this brown wood dining table. With its walnut finish, typical of the 50s and its biting feet, it has the charm of a wine table.

Mango Mocha Table, 180 x 90 cm, 646, 50 euros, Tikamoon.