Small spaces

Small apartment ': 12 deco ideas at the top


Small apartment ': 12 deco ideas at the top

Leroy Merlin

Are you in search of deco ideas easy and bluffing for your little apartment? Do not search anymore ! Côté Maison offers you a thousand and one color tips, layout and DIY tips to transform your small apartment 'cocoon trend and style!

Create a toned solid color on a wall of the living room, compose a clever storage for the entrance, or succumb to the new hanging planters ... Here are twelve deco ideas on top for your little apartment '!

1. Awaken the small space with a touch of color on the wall

Idea # 1 to wake up a small space? Bring maximum brightness, especially if the room is dark and poorly exposed. Here, a flat of lemon yellow color brings a maximum of relief and a lot of cheerfulness to this living room. Frames placed here and there on the color rectangle further enliven the room by infusing it with a gallery, graphic and couture spirit.

Painting Envy Arty collection, "Yellow Carioca" hue Luxens at Leroy Merlin, 17.95 euros 0.5L jar.

Leroy Merlin

2. Optimize the small apartment with hanging planters

Green plants are a great asset to dress a small room and bring it sparkle and freshness easily. But rather than multiply the pots on the ground, always bulky, prefer the new hanging planters. Practical, they free the place on the ground by bringing a touch both design and poetic in our interiors.

Hanging planter "Bittergurka", Ikea, 11.50 euros one.


3. Make room in the entrance with a home-made storage column

Your entry is mini and / or all in length? Compose a clever storage column by accumulating a dozen industrial lockers. Shallow, they allow to create storage perfectly suited to our needs and available space. They also have the art of giving a nice little studio look to a passing room lacking style.

Metal lockers, Bloomingville, price on request.


4. Crack for a couchtit jig really looké

Small space does not necessarily rhyme with sad and uncluttered click-clack. The brands also offer a multitude of sofas with elegant lines, design and compact. It is chosen in convertible version to benefit from an extra bed when needed, and it is dressed with pretty graphic cushions to offer maximum personality.

Sofa "Udel" polyester, La Redoute Interiors, 299 euros.

The Redout Interiors

5. Create a stylish workspace for the studio

Setting up a comfortable work area in a small space can sometimes be a real obstacle course. Fortunately, the editors imagine new workstations ever more compact and stylish in a wall version to save maximum floor space. With its two-tone look and its impeccable lines, this model signed Hartô caught our eye! One rule to keep in mind when choosing your XXS desk is to have a 60 cm high tray and a quality seat for optimum working comfort.

Wall-mounted secretary "Gaston" in oak-plated mdf, Hartô, 569 euros.


6. Succeed for a double job coffee table

The ally of small spaces? A dual-purpose coffee table that allows you to structure a real reception area, even in a studio, while offering good storage capacity. Books and magazines are stored there, neither seen nor known.

Coffee table "Camélia" in wood and glass, Alinéa, 229 euros


7. Composing a storage headboard for the small bedroom

Storing books is often a headache for anyone living in a studio or a small two-room apartment ... The solution? Create a headboard library that can accumulate books horizontally and in columns. To make it, nothing more simple. First screw three brackets laterally from the bottom of the wall, to accumulate your books in a column. Then fix nine squares (or more, depending on the desired headboard width), next to each other, to create the horizontal storage structure, with nine mini-columns of books.

Fly Book steel bracket, Leroy Merlin, 9.90 euros one.

Leroy Merlin

8. Think of leather stitching wall modules to sublimate a small apartment

The good idea to earn square meters? Hanging jewelry, books or magazines on elegant wall-mounted leather ribbons to unclutter shelves. A creation by Swedish designer Mathilda Clahr.

Hanging wall module "Strap", Mathilda Clahr, from 26 euros one.

Mathilda Clahr

9. Awaken a corner of a cramped room with a beautiful wallpaper

How to wake up a corner of the room to the fine, a micro room under the slope? How to bring back life to a small and not very luminous place? By dressing his main wall with a beautiful character wallpaper. Graphic patterns pus, bright pastel gradient ... It will bring in a blink of oeildu rhythm and light to a space without charm!

Wallpaper "Cloudy", Well done, 295 euros 2 les.

Well done

10. Multiply small frames to give relief to a micro space

If the wall of frames is an attractive deco solution, it is sometimes difficult to implement in a small space. To adapt the process, even where square meters are scarce, hang small models on a vintage coat rack, in columns of two, three or four specimens, varying styles and sizes. Graphic result guaranteed!

Wooden or metal frames, Hubsch, from 19 euros one.


11. Lighten the decor with a design furniture, small footprint

Malignant, the hanging furniture save space for small spaces with their lightened base and their small depth of space. Consoles, table, desk, bedside ... The designers decline the principle on a wide variety of furniture. In addition to their undeniable practical spirit, these furniture with asymmetrical lines also bring an elegant note to our interiors and a clean welcome in small spaces.

Metal wall side table, Menu, 134.95 euros.


12. Make room in the room with a wall lamp

Swap your lamp against a sleek wall light to clear the bedside table and visually lighten the space of a small room.

Metal wall light, House Doctor, 131 euros.

House Doctor