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Tips for keeping your green plants alive

Tips for keeping your green plants alive

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You like them green plantsonly here, you do not have not the green hand... Do not panic, if you choose the right houseplants - some are less fragile and therefore more easy maintenance -, if you take care of Repot them in the rules of art and most importantly, if you bring them a daily care, your indoor green plants are going perfectly flourish ! And will always be part of your decoration a few months and years later. Follow our good advice.

Of choice of your green plants in the manner of taking care of it on a daily basis, Côté Maison reveals the secrets of perfect gardener.

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The choice of your green plants

You must choose the right varieties of green plant, suitable for your environment. Be sure to provide yourself in a good garden center to avoid plants at the end of life. Ask the gardener about the needs of your plants. The issues of light, heat and exposure are fundamental. If you are a beginner, avoid orchids and other fragile plants, and concentrate on chlorophytum or ivy that require little maintenance.

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The repotting stage

Repotting in a terracotta pot is an art. Choose two sizes above to give your plant the space it needs for growth. Do not look too big because the water may stagnate! Check for a drainage hole: the planters do not have one. Fill the bottom with clay balls and top with potting soil for green plants. Remove the plant from its transition pot, lightly scratch the roots to release them, dig in the center of the pot and insert the plant in the middle. Fill with potting soil if necessary.

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Green plants: day-to-day care

Choosing the right location is crucial. Estimate the brightness needed for your plant. Avoid the direct sun but prefer a place where it is comfortable to read without artificial light.

You must water without excess. The soil must have time to dry between two waterings: adapt according to the season, from 3 to 10 days.

Finally, you can clean and treat the leaves of your green plants regularly with a tablespoon of white vinegar to 1L of water: dab the leaves with a soft cloth.

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