Dream Houses

Classic style but no frills


This bastide converted into bed and breakfast has a sober and relaxing classical style ...

For a lifetime, Paul Cézanne celebrated Sainte-Victoire Mountain. The Grand Boise Estate now offers a chance to take ownership of this unique landscape. In an exceptional wine estate, on the mountainous cirque designed by the mountains Olympe and Aurélien, dotted with woods, vineyards and olive trees, is the adventure of renewal. The preserved architecture of a seventeenth century country house goes to meet a delicate nature, half-domesticated by the vine, half-free of its most beautiful escapades.

Notes of stay

Domaine de Grand Boise Guest House, Chemin de Grisole, 13530 Trets, tel. : 06 77 10 62 65. Rooms, 120-150 €, breakfast included. Swimming pool.
Taste the wines of the property. On nearly 400 ha where are scattered the vineyards ... to discover the classic coasts of Provence Château Grand Boise and Rosé Sainte Victoire, gold medal in the general agricultural competition of Paris. Then learn about atypical wines ...

And so that nothing disturbs the natural balance, the very beautiful volumes of guest rooms with soft decoration treated with highlights of color, show their concern for sobriety and sustainable future. Xavier Gervoson, owner of Château Grand Boise, eager to reunite family and children under the sun of Provence, realizes there a dream of child. Thus, life on the estate is organized around a work of recreation. While Nathalie Vingot Mei takes care of an elegant decoration, Dany presents herself as a caring housewife.

As a landscape archaeologist, Martin Prevel examines and enhances the site, which is conducive to theme walks, and Nicolas Gruey rully controls the winery. From the bastide to the vault, a work with finesse. With the same care as the elders put to choose a terroir and observe the climatic conditions, each one carries in him the passion of its trade and accompanies the visitor to the discovery of Grand Boise and its vines, which have the peculiarity to be the highest of Provence. Add to that the view of Sainte-Victoire, a silence like no other, the excellent vintage Mazarine ... and here is the horizon on the horizon the most delicious stay in Provence. When the natural becomes superlative, the rosy vanes and the flamboyant sunsets on the Sainte-Victoire accompany the guests strolling on the big terrace or returning exhausted after a salutary march ... but always united by the tasting of pleasing nectars of Provence.