What price for an indoor canopy?

What price for an indoor canopy?

The Verrières de Paris

Ah, the canopy! You do not get tired of it, and yet difficult to know the price of this element become a must of our interiors. In small spaces, the canopy opens the views- from the kitchen to the living room, for example. While in larger areas, it plays the role of separator, delimiting, why not, a corner office of the living room. Same principle in a parental suite, where it separates the room from the bathroom. Clearly, the indoor canopy, you love it but at what price ? Two experts answer us to better help you in choosing the one that decorates and structures our living spaces.

Before you start project to install a canopythe two types of products offered by the market must be distinguished: canopies in kit, to assemble oneself, and custom-made canopies, installed by pro. Where the manufacture of the former is industrialized, that of the latter is performed by artisans. The price difference varies from simple to triple. Aurélie Pescheur, chief product interior doors and parts separations at Lapeyre, as well as Joshua Da Rocha, metal craftsman for the Verrières de Paris, present us the characteristics of these products, which justify the differences in price.

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In which case to install an indoor canopy at home?

In recent years, the glass roof is everywhere: in the pages of magazines, TV shows or in the achievements of the professionals of the development and decoration. So obviously, you have not escaped the urge to have one in your home! Be careful, however, to make good use of it. If everyone agrees on its aesthetic aspect, it is also for interior design issues that it is used. The canopy offers, indeed, the double advantage of delimiting spaces while allowing the sight of one on the other, letting the light through. Joshua Da Rocha, metal craftsman at Les Verrières de Paris, notes from experience that "more and more customers are turning [also] to the glass roof for limit noise pollution Or the smells. "The first use is particularly interesting in large areas where you want to isolate a work space of the living room for example.For smells, it is obviously between the kitchen and the living room-stay If the glass roof is popular, whether it is an "inner window" or a door, you will always be interested in using the glass roof to make your spaces bright and fluid.

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Steel workshop canopy, black powder-coated finish + 5 other colors to choose (white, black grained, graphite gray, gray aluminum and grained taupe), transparent glass 33.2 Saint-Gobain laminated and security. Can go up to 6 windows. Laying applied. H120 or 150 cm, standard width: 1 glazing width 34 cm, 2 glazing width 67 cm, 3 glazing width 100 cm, 4 glazing width 134 cm, 5 glazing width 167 cm, 6 glazing width 200 cm. From 239 euros, Lapeyre.


What are the advantages of the different glass roofs?

If your budget allows, you may opt for a custom canopy. The artisans who make these unique pieces recommend the installation of their product directly at home. For lighter portfolios, it's better to look to the canopies in kit, to assemble oneself. In this case, you compose the canopy from industrial parts and install it.

In addition to the cost of manufacture and installation, it is also the size of the canopy that varies prices. The more you choose a high and wide canopy, the higher is its price. This is explained by the amount of material used, - mainly steel at the expense of aluminum, because it allows finer achievements, so more aesthetic but also more robust. The glazing surface also conditions the cost price of the canopy. In most cases, it is a laminated glazing 33.2 (which corresponds to 6.8 mm thick), "used for its strength and its advantage in terms of safety," says Aurélie Pescheur, chief product doors interior and room dividers at Lapeyre. If you are looking for a sound comfort, it is better to turn to glasses 44.2, therefore thicker, but also 30 to 40% more expensive than the previous ones.

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Glass partition of the Creative range, powder-coated finish in 5 colors (smooth white, grained black, smooth gray, grained anthracite gray, grained beige gray), equipped with laminated 33.2 glazing and security. Canopy: Sun: H120 or 150 cm x L34; 67,5 or 100 cm, from 239 euros. Swing doors: Sun: H204 x L80 or 90 cm, from 999 euros. Impostes: Sun: H45 x L80 or 90 cm, from 199 euros. Partitions: Sun: H249 x L67,5 or 100 cm, from 849 euros, Lapeyre.


The price of a canopy also varies depending on whether you opt for a basement or not, an all-glass canopy (glass or metal), or the addition of one or more doors (sliding or swinging). Finishes, such as handleshave a low impact on the final cost price. However, if you want a color other than black for your glass roof, know that "it will take 15 to 20% more," says Aurélie Pescheur. Similarly if you opt for a sanded paint, more expensive than the oven-painted paint. The latter is however more often used because it is more aesthetic and more durable over time.

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What price for a glass roof to build yourself?

Buying a low-cost indoor canopy is therefore possible thanks to brands such as Lapeyre, which has been offering since 2015 top-of-the-range interior solutions accessible to all. Aurélie Pescheur insists that "the design of the windows of the sign is industrial.They come from a Franco-French supplier and are manufactured in France". For a standard steel canopy, laminated glass, 1 glazing, 2 tiles, the call price is 299 euros. Simple in its design, this canopy Eco range (H110 x 65 cm) can be customized with small dishes to stick, allowing to segment the glazing without using the use of steel (which would increase the price). For an indoor canopy similar kit, this time aluminum, 2 windows (H108 x 163 cm), it will pay a minimum of 225.20 euros at Leroy Merlin. The brand also offers the same model in 5 windows (H108 x 1153 cm), count for that 414,50 euros. At Castorama, the offer begins with a black steel canopy, 4 glazings (H127.5 x 1099 cm) at a price of 449 euros.

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Verrière Eco, offers the quality of steel and laminated glazing, accessible to all. H110 x L65 cm, from 299 euros, Lapeyre.


Lapeyre highlights modular windows to envy, from the Creative range. The minimum height of these canopies starts at 120 cm and for a budget of 445 euros. In this range, you compose the ideal canopy for your home by choosing, for example, partition modules or sliding or swinging doors. As for the partitions, it is necessary to count a minimum of 800 euros for a partition 2 windows and basement, and 1000 euros for a partition 3 windows standard. Know that on average, any range, the sale price is 1400 euros for this type of canopy. In a similar model, you will find at Leroy Merlin a workshop removable partition, medium (various coniferous and hardwood) this time, white metal effect, 125 euros. At Castorama, it costs 529 euros for a 5-glass canopy (H127.5 x 1365 cm) and 599 euros for a 6-glass canopy (H127.5 x l161 cm), the maximum proposed by the brand.

Verrière of the Créative range, Lapeyre.


Once your canopy is made to the desired dimensions, you need to install it at your home. For standard workshop canopies, an installation manual is provided with the various elements. On the other hand, for more complex installations with doors and partitions, it is better to use the installation service, which offers packages according to the project. It will necessarily cost more, but it is the guarantee of a successful installation. In any case, if you are not sure of the successful installation of your canopy, trust the know-how of the specialists.

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What price for a custom canopy?

Choosing the custom is to appeal to the expertise of craftsmen, therefore this approach will cost you more. Joshua Da Rocha justifies the cost price of custom-made canopies by the following approach: "firstly, on the basis of the sketches and measurements that you will send to the craftsman, he will evaluate a price before moving to Your home for measurement readings Once the project has been validated, the manufacturing time can vary from 2 days to a week of work, depending on the nature of the canopy. For technical reasons, the craftsman advocates a mandatory home installation. The price of the installation depends of course on the type of canopy to be installed and can affect 50% of the final price, depending on the time required (1/2 day to a full day or 2 days).

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Inner canopy made to measure by Les Verrières de Paris, 3500 euros including VAT, installation included (except work of preparation masonry type assembly of partition, coatings, ground etc ... not realized by the company).

The Verrières de Paris

Thus, "for a small simple canopy to put on a wall, it will cost 1200 euros, installation included.A complete canopy, any height, with one or two swinging or sliding doors, with metal base or glazing any height, will cost you on average 4000-4500 euros ". The price is not conditioned by the number of m2 but by the working time and finishes granted to the product. It is in any case the guarantee of a unique piece, perfectly integrated in your interior.

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Custom indoor canopy, 5500 euros, Les Verrières de Paris.

The Verrières de Paris