5 deco ideas to steal in this office

5 deco ideas to steal in this office


In search of inspiration for decorate and decorate a tasteful workspace ? You fall right! Seduced by this atmosphere, the writing decrypts, in 5 points, the elements that compose it. Between trendy office and cozy reading corner, there is plenty to do!

Located on the first floor of a town house in the suburbs of Paris, this office is full of decorating ideas. Brought to work more and more often from home, the owner of the place wanted - and needed - a resolutely functional space, but not that. Mother of two girls, she entrusted interior designers in charge of the project, Carla Lopez and Margaux Meza, with her desire for family space.

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1. A wall-mounted desk so chic

While large, the landing that hosts this work space should not be furnished quickly. For a minimum space requirement, a shallow module is preferred, to be fixed to the wall. What to condense the essential to better focus. On the material side, we prefer wood, which will heat a waxed concrete floor like nobody else.

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Taktik set, walnut veneer or natural solid oak. The office module from 399 euros. AM.PM.


2. Create a cozy reading corner for the whole family

Want to break between two folders? Easy with a cozy bench seat nearby. Ideal for taking a nap or reading a book with your family, this cozy corner mixes materials, between velvet, cotton and natural fibers. The deco trick to remember? Accumulate the cushions!

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3. Hang a net as a separation between the spaces

Forgotten glass and other cloisters, the catamaran style net imposes its freshness like a singular partition. Securely attached to the walls, it becomes airy and becomes a beautiful playground for children, as for older children.

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4. Add a mottled mirror to increase perspective

A decorative element in its own right, this golden mirror with a vintage silhouette brings an opulent touch to the room. Bonus, it is reflected the concrete staircase leading to the floor, which deceive the eye and visually enlarge the space.

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5. Invite a potted plant into the office

Want to bring freshness to your office area? Adopt a potted plant, easy to maintain, just like this succulent little plant. Also, the cactus remains an option of choice for lovers of hot decor.

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