10 beautiful little stylish pools


Aquareve / The pool spirit

What better than a nice little pool to swim with family delight at the edge of your garden. Pool swimming pool, angular or pisicine above ground, there is something for everyone. Here is our selection of small pools of less than 30 m2.

Interest in small family pools is still important. According to the FPP (Federation of Pool Professionals), 4 out of 10 French people want to buy a swimming pool. In a particularly large area, the choice of a swimming pool is often difficult. The alternatives to materials and coatings are multiple between a pool in concrete, reinforced PVC, stainless steel, with a liner, mosaics, a Plaster, or Granite ... Focus on 10 beautiful pools of less than 30 m2 that really make you want to get into the water, and even to dive!

1. A small city pool with an angular shape

In this cozy garden, the wooden terrace is removable to reveal or on the contrary, hide the pool. This terrace adds security, which makes it a family pool. Made of masonry concrete, the small pool is dressed with reinforced PVC. The beach and the borders are Ipe wood. It is finally composed of options: a salt electrolyser, an electric heater and a swim against the current. Dimensions: 2.80 mx 3.55 m, flat bottom to 1.40 m.

Tero BB Garden Pools

2. A small contemporary pool delivered as a kit

Rectangular, this modern pool has been delivered as a kit. Its coating is a light gray liner, its beaches are under 2.00 and its curbs, concrete coffered. As an option, a swimming against the current is available, and also a Desjoyaux PFI filtration. Dimensions: 11m x 4.5m.

Ap Pools / Desjoyaux

3. A swimming pool of 10 m2 built on a suspended terrace

Built on a suspended terrace, the small pool was built of reinforced concrete with a polyester sand resin coating. The surface is less than 10 m2 with a flat bottom at 1.30 m. The materials used to make this pool of less than 30 m2 are multiple: reinforced concrete, polyester sand resin coating. Characteristics: Hydraulics with developed network (skimmers, drain, back-up). Filtration: sand PAC, shutter immersed, balneo, staircase. Beaches: Porcelain stoneware imitation wood. Margelles: Ceramic imitation stoneware. Options: swimming pool built on a suspended terrace.

Aquareve / The pool spirit

4. A small family pool swim lane

This small freestanding pool 10 m long ensures the benefits of swimming by its swim lane shape. Under the beach, this pool is composed of a submerged rolling shutter, a hydromassage plate at the bottom of the swimming pool and a RGB linear lighting by LEDS 18 x 3W. She dresses in stainless steel to ensure a beautiful modernity. The beaches are tiled and the borders in Shiste. In options, the pool reveals a roller shutter, a hydromassage plate and linear lighting in the pool bottom RGB. Dimensions: 10m x 3m x 1.38m.

Steel and Style

5. A dolce vita pool less than 30m2 angular

In the shape of a swimming lane, the small pool has been made of traditional masonry. The basin is equipped with a movable bottom and its dark gray coating is a 150/100 armed membrane. The beaches are dressed in Ipe wood. As an option, the pool is equipped with a UV sterilizer with Active Oxygen, a pH regulator and a heat pump. Dimensions: 11.50 mx 2.50 m.

Square Blue / Sun Pools

6. A particularly aesthetic spa

Aesthetic with its square shape, this gunite spa one meter deep ensures a moment of relaxation in the garden. Its coating is a gray plaster. The wooden and pebble beaches add a natural spirit to the spa. As an option, this small pool is equipped with a Diffapur, colored LEDs and the Hydrocapt system which allows remote control of the technical points of the spa. Dimensions: 2.25 mx 2.25 m.

CPP / Diffazur Swimming Pools

7. A small angular concrete infinity pool

Angular in shape, this small infinity pool is dressed in concrete structura feat. The coating is a favorite PVC charcoal gray and the beaches are made of wood (Cumaru). The overflow is in ceramic tile 30 x 60 cm. Dimensions: 5m x 5m x 1.45m.

Everblue / Everblue Design

8. A small city pool of less than 30 m2

This house has a small pool of less than 30 m2 with a submerged beach, Ipe wood and PVC reinforced. Dimensions: 7m x 3.5m.

Ap Pools / Desjoyaux

9. A nice little contemporary pool set in the mountains

This small pool is totally in harmony with the mountain landscape. The pool is equipped with an NF5 interface with a slate gray liner and a right escabanc. The basin consists of lateral columns in northern red pine Class IV autoclave. In the characteristics, the wooden boards of the structure pile up and intersect horizontally. The coating is a 33.75 / 100th Liner Protect in slate gray color. Beaches: Fir. Margins: Fir. Options: Filtration interface, filter wall. The depth of the basin is 147 cm. Dimensions: 4.59mx 4.59m.


10. A small above-ground pool, equipped with a security blanket

This small above-ground swimming pool is equipped with a safety cover integrated in a chest and having an automatic mechanical winding. Dimensions: 2m x 2m up to 60cm water height.