Pump and filter for garden pond maintenance


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The pump and filter are essential for the maintenance of a garden pond. They oxygenate the water, eliminate impurities and parasitic algae. Our zoom to choose the pump and the filter of a garden pond ...

Our advice to choose, install a pump and a garden pond filter to ensure that it has water with perfect balance.

1.The garden pond pump

The pump distributes the water to the filter and water sports (waterfalls, fountain, jet rain or bell). It brews the water and allows its oxygenation.

Determine the pump flow required

The water of a garden pond is renewed every two hours. The flow rate of the pump in liters / hour must be equal to half the volume. For a pump dedicated to fountains or to streams, the power is determined by the rise height of the water and the desired discharge rate (1.5 L of water / min per cm of waterfall).

Installation of the pump in the garden pond

Install the pump in a basket with pierced edges. Garnish with volcanic rocks or pozzolana for pre-filtering. Connect the pump through the ducts to the filter and the water features. Place the basket at the bottom of the basin in the raised to avoid rising mud.

Super Fountain Pump "Velda". Pump to create a jet of water and for the use of a spitting subject or a garden waterfall. 39 euros for 12 W (power) to 69 euros for 70 W.


2. The garden pond filter

The filter cleans water from suspended waste and algae. This filtration is essential for any pool exposed to the sun, falling leaves or an area greater than 20m2.

The different types of filter

The underpressure filter is suitable for small and medium volume garden ponds. It connects to a pump. It is placed inside or on the edge of the garden pond.

The gravity filter is located at the highest point of the water circuit, beside a stream feed for example. Water flows through the filter by gravity flowing to the pond. This type of filter is suitable for large pools.

Mechanical filtration

Mechanical filtration traps impurities in grids, foams, Japanese carpet ... It is effective for solid waste.

Biological filtration

Perfect for eliminating microscopic parasites, the biological filter houses purifying bacteria in nesting mosses. The biological filter must operate continuously to ensure the survival of the bacteria.

Filter maintenance

Preferably place the filter out of the garden pond for easy maintenance. Do not clean it with tap water at the risk of killing the purifying bacteria. Some are also developing on the foams of mechanical filters. Inspect the filters regularly and change them at least once a year.

The manufacturers propose complete kits including the pump, the filter and the materials necessary for their installation and maintenance.

A complete kit for a garden pond with pump, filter and U.V. Volume of filtration: 2500 liters to 144 euros. And filtration volume: 5,000 liters to 220 euros.